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How do I place an order?

Place your chosen items in your shopping cart. Then click on your shopping cart at the top right and check whether all your chosen items are in your shopping cart. Have you checked everything? Then go to checkout. Enter your personal details and check whether you have entered your name and address correctly. Don't forget your house number! Then choose the shipping method you prefer. Then select the payment method you want to use. Then check the general terms and conditions and click on "place order" to complete your order.

How can I add a discount code?

This is possible as soon as you have all the items you want in your shopping cart. Then you go to checkout. At the bottom you will see the discount code bar. Enter your discount code here. Your discount will then be calculated automatically! Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to add a discount code afterwards


I have placed an order, but the payment is not successful?

What a pity that the payment is not successful! Of course I would be happy to help you! Send an email to Info@uniquecraftsandmore.com and we will try to find a solution together so that your order can still be completed!