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Flowers greeting card-flowers make me so happy!

Flowers greeting card-flowers make me so happy!

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This card is great fun to give because it is not just an ordinary card with a nice text!

Flowering paper is sustainable paper made from old newspapers, recycled cardboard or cotton waste containing seeds. When the card is placed in the soil, colorful flowers grow out of it.

Flowering paper grows best from early spring to summer. After planting, the seeds will germinate within 5-10 days. With enough water, sun and love, the plants grow into flowers.


1. Wet the card well;

2. Place in a pot or garden in a sunny spot and cover with a small layer of soil;

3. Water every day so that it remains moist, the seeds will germinate and start to grow;

4. Take good care of the small plants for the best results, good luck!

Outside the growing season you can plant paper with flower seeds in a warm place with sufficient sunlight, flowering starts in spring.


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